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About Us

Studer Body & Paint, Inc is a family owned and operated business, we have proudly been serving Milwaukee and surrounding areas since 1985.

Our number one goal is to perform safe, accurate, and timely repairs done right the first time to ensure you are completely satisfied.

We have uniquely blended personalize service, the latest technology, with a group of highly motivated and experienced technicians to set us apart from any other repair center. Our shop has achieved the highest level of training in our industry (ICAR GOLD), and we are committed to employing superior well-trained technicians. We can repair any make or model of vehicle.

We understand it is inconvenient when your vehicle is in the shop. When you visit Studer Body & Paint, Inc, you are guaranteed that your vehicle will be repaired to its pre-accident condition. For your convenience we are able to handle your entire repair process. And will communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure your repairs are done right the first time, and as quickly as possible. If you have rental coverage, we are an Enterprise Elite Service provider and will shuttle you to Enterprise at the time of car drop off. Please contact us for availability.

Extended Hours

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Lot is open 24/7 for drop off

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Serving You and the Environment

For 27 years here at Studer Body & Paint Inc, we have used Sikkens brand solvent based paint to produce the highest quality finish for our customer’s cars. In 2011 we started looking for a paint system that would be more ecologically friendly and healthier for our staff and surrounding community. Our research found that Sikkens brand had a waterborne option that shops in other parts of the US, Canada, and Europe were already using. Waterborne paint has 40% lower VOCs than solvent based paint. VOC is short for volatile organic compounds, which are gases emitted from paints and other products. These gases affect our health and air quality. Reducing the VOC levels in our paint is a great step in the right direction.

Will the paint on my vehicle match and look as good as the factory paint?

We learned that many automakers were already using this eco-friendly waterborne paint at the factory and it provides a great color match and lasting flawless finish. It was extremely important at Studer Body & Paint Inc that waterborne paint was not only more eco-friendly, but also that our final product would have the same great finish.

The Informed Choice

While not required to do so, we here at Studer Body & Paint Inc decided to be an early adopter of the more eco-friendly paint system. Working with Sikkens in March 2012, we converted our shop to use Sikkens Autowave (waterborne) paint. Our customers are thrilled with the results of the factory matching and flawless finish of their repair, as well as our commitment to improving the environment. By choosing to have your vehicle repairs done by our shop, you should be proud of your important role in protecting the environment.